Yesterday & Today: The Interactive Beatles Experience coming to Memorial City Hall!

by MarshallCVB

The Interactive Beatles Experience


The McGuigan Brothers

Marshall, TX—Imagine a concert where YOU get to pick the songs in the set-list!  That is exactly what will happen when the McGuigan brothers bring their show, Yesterday & Today: The Interactive Beatles Experience to Memorial City Hall on Saturday, Nov. 13th  Tickets for this show are on sale now at or call the Box Office at 903-934-7992.

                “Foot-stomping, clapping in union, singing along and outright screaming from the audience, especially during the all-out panic that erupted when a little ditty named “Revolution” was played!”–David Williams, Omaha City Weekly

Yesterday and Today: The Interactive Beatles Experience is the nation’s most innovative and unique show utilizing the works of the Beatles. This amazing 6-piece band, anchored by brothers Billy and Matthew McGuigan perform as themselves and leave the song choices completely up to you! This is done through request cards that audience members fill out prior to the show. On the cards audience members only need to fill out three things: their name, their favorite Beatles song and the reason why they chose that song. The set list is created as the show happens, based upon the songs chosen by your audience! As an added treat, the reasons that you chose those songs make up the narrative for the evening. Every show is different, every show is interactive and Yesterday and Today: The Interactive Beatles Experience proves that the Beatles music truly is the soundtrack to our lives.

Every night the songs change, the faces change and the stories change. But one element always remains the same, a mutual respect for why they are there. Whether it’s for the sheer love of the music, or to have a personal connection with it. Yesterday & Today shows that not only do people have a story to tell, but they are absolutely ready and willing to tell that story when being able to tie it to their favorite Beatles song. On some level, it goes beyond sheer entertainment, and perhaps becomes a hint of music therapy

                So join us on Saturday Nov.13th at 7:30pm at Memorial City hall as we celebrate the music of the world’s most-popular band! Tickets are going fast, so get yours today at before they sell out!!

Yesterday & Today is presented in association with 92.3 The Depot, QX-FM, AMI Radio Group, and The Marshall News Messenger and KMHT 103.9. Follow us on Facebook to receive updates on current and future events. Memorial City Hall is located at 110 East Houston St. on the square in downtown Marshall.

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